Can Cannabidiol (CBD) Help With Anxiety?

Can Cannabidiol (CBD) Help With Anxiety?

Before we give a conclusive answer to this question, we need to have a comprehensive idea of what anxiety and CBD entail.

To begin with, anxiety is a condition known to make you feel anxious when faced with a stressful situation. It could be an examination, the outcome of what you have been eagerly waiting for or when you are making crucial decisions. It should not be confused with anxiety disorder. The latter is a completely different thing all along and it is an umbrella terminology that encompasses a number of conditions. In fact, anxiety disorders are usually far more severe cases and can inhibit you from leading a normal lifestyle. The disorder is described in three ways; social, panic and generalized anxiety disorder.

On the other hand, Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabis compounds with a substantial amount of medical benefits.Contrary to speculations surrounding CBD, the compound does not have any form of adverse effects on your psychological well-being. As a matter of fact, the CBD counteracts the psychoactivity of the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

That is the reason as to why the CBD is an appealing option for those seeking relief from inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety among others. In a nutshell, yes, the CBD can alleviate anxiety. But how does it help anxiety?

Symptoms for Anxiety Disorder and Treatment

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, likely you are suffering from anxiety:

-Frequent panic attacks,

- Insomnia,

- Experiencing cold or sweat outbreaks,

- Feeling nausea,

- The tension in your muscles

Even though anxiety disorders might come at any age, most of them are manageable through the conventional medical procedure which may include:

- Close medical management,

- Therapy on cognitive behavior,

-Reprocessing and desensitization of the eye movements

CBD Oil for Anxiety

For many years, cannabis oils have been effective in treating anxiety as well as depression. Consequently, the CBD is under extensive research by scientists world over to establish its potential use on human health. Moreover, effects of CBD on anxiety have been considered as one of the most fascinating and well-funded sections of the current research on cannabis. Perhaps future prospects could yield more positive results that might lead to the development of highly effective ways CBD oils can be used as an anxiety and depression therapy.

On the internet, CBD oil and anxiety are one of the most searched topics according to the internet search engine ranking. The exponential increase of the online search for CBD oil and anxiety is a clear indication that a number of people have realized the great benefits that Cannabidiol oils come along with. As recent as 2011, a team of researchers conducted the study on ten individuals with social anxiety but had never taken any treatment for this condition and put them into two groups. The first group was given a dosage of 400mg CBD and the second group a placebo. The outcome showed that those given the CBD oil had shown a tremendous improvement with their anxiety symptoms in comparison to those on placebo. A similar research in Brazil revealed that those suffering from generalized social anxiety reported a significant reduction in anxiety.

How the CBD Oil Works

The Cannabidiol oil activates your vanilloids (TRPV1), adenosine as well as serotonin receptors within your body. What you need to know is that the initiation of adenosine receptors provides anti-anxiety and also, anti-inflammatory effects.  In addition, it triggers the release of dopamine (feel good hormone) and glutamate. The two neurotransmitters are vital in playing critical roles inside your body to stimulate your feelings.

The Source of CBD Oil

The Cannabidiol oil is an extract of the cannabis plant. With the help of Carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent, the oils are separated from the cannabis plant giving rise to a highly concentrated product. The major ingredient in the cannabis oil is the CBD. The oil comes in three formats:

  • Pure Cannabidiol Oil has a high concentration of CBD.
  • CBD Oil with THC: This type is not legalized in a number of states and it has a completely different effect from CBD oil.
  • CBD Hemp Oil: It is extracted from hemp and contains a higher amount of CBD with lower THC concentrates.

CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety Patients

Before considering the use of CBD Oil, it is prudent that you consult a physician for further guidance. The reason for doing so is that the use of CBD is not fully implemented thus the need for clarification from a professional. As of formality demands, the right dosage of CBD should be determined by a number of factors such as your weight, age, health condition and the reason why you need to take it. Therefore, there are a number of factors to consider when taking CBD Oil to treat your anxiety: Start by taking small doses and gradually increase the amount depending on its progress on your health. This is important because the oil has different effects on different users.

Show consistency in using the right dosage. This is crucial to let your body get accustomed to the CBD oil before taking further steps in increasing the dosage over the period of usage. Most importantly, you should be patient even if you don't achieve your goal immediately

Types of Cannabidiol Oils

To treat anxiety disorder, you need to know the two types of CBD oils that are very effective; for beginners, CBD oil tincture is recommended while vaping oil is the most popular type that individuals use. Vaping is the most effective e and accurate method to take the dosage of CBD oil.

It is also important to know the basic differences between CBD Oils from hemp and that from marijuana. The marijuana based CBD oils can be found at medical dispensation centers in places where the drug has been made legal for medical uses. On the other hand, hemp-based CBD oils are found in legalized industrial hemp plants but it contains traces of THC. Therefore, the following


From the information above, it is evident that CBD oil is effective in treating anxiety and depression.  Currently, the CBD is the next significant remedy for anxiety treatment and other related issues. But before embarking on its use, you should always remember to seek the best advice from your physician so you can have a better idea regarding CBD oil for your health benefits.


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